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Femoral or Tibial Osteotomy

Indication and Procedure Description

This procedure is indicated as the treatment of early osteoarthritis in those patients who are relatively young and active. The aim of the procedure is to correct mal-alignment of the leg where it has become either excessively bowed or knock-kneed due to osteoarthritis. An osteotomy is where the bone is cut, so that the leg can be straightened into a more normal position. The osteotomy is then secured with plate and screws to maintain the correction. This procedure is more commonly performed for patients who are bow-legged, where the medial (inner) part of the knee is involved in osteoarthritis. This procedure is called a medial opening wedge osteotomy and in it, the knee is corrected to a slightly knock-kneed position, thereby shifting the weight through the preserved lateral (outer) part of the knee. Less commonly, it is performed on knock-kneed patients where the osteotomy is performed through the lateral part of the femur and the leg is corrected to a straight position, therefore the weight bearing will be shifted to the preserved medial side.

The purpose of the procedure is to allow young people to remain active without the concerns of wearing out a knee replacement. The osteotomy will slow down the wear of the knee and delays the need for a knee replacement.

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